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Speak. Play. Learn.
Video games for speech therapy
Speak slowly, or you'll wake up the crocodiles!
SAY IT Labs represents the intersection of speech recognition technology and speech and language pathology all bundled in a video game. Stay motivated, learn techniques taught by some of the world's most esteemed communication experts and dare yourself to level up your communication skills.
Travel beyond the clouds by changing the pitch of your voice.
Your voice is the joystick. Use your voice to move from game to game and level to level. Climb a beanstalk, swim with dolphins, or jump on crocodiles. Your voice will experience something fantastic as it is used to maneuver around obstacles or collect secret objects.
Your fluency friends will give feedback as you develop your voice.
The best way to conquer speech goals is by practicing. Finally the science has been transformed into a video game that provides real time feedback. Stay motivated and confident while you explore all the different levels in the game.
The Team
Erich Reiter, CCC-SLP
Natural Language Processing Engineer and Speech and Language Pathologist
Lukas Latacz, PhD
Expert Engineer in Speech Technology
Bart Middag, MSc
Level 26 Game Developer and Animator
In collaboration with
Susan Fosnot, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
Fluency Specialist and Horse Whisperer
Frances Ruth Freeman, PhD
Fluency Specialist
Fluency Friends
We are currently hard at work on creating a fun and engaging speech therapy experience with Fluency Friends. Keep an eye out for more info! In the meantime, you can view the in-game images below by clicking on them: