SAY-IT Labs has created an accurate, fast, and easy to use tool that automatically and objectively analyzes articulation, prosody and speech intelligibility. Based on many years of research, SAY-IT uses state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, developed in speech research labs in Belgium.
SAY-IT’s automatic speech recognition engine has been trained to listen to speech. After a brief training with the tool, it will accurately diagnose how well you sound while speaking. From the single phoneme all the way through running speech.
Just talk. It is no longer necessary to spend time analyzing the actual sounds a person is making whether doing a speech screening, evaluation, or establishing new baselines during therapy. Let SAY-IT collect the data for you, while you focus on delivering therapy.
Click on the ‘Talk’ button, and you’re on your way. SAY-IT stores data both on your computer and in the cloud, so you can practice targeted speech from anywhere.
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Combining speech technology and clininical expertise
Our enthousiastic team has over 20 years of academic experience in developing speech technology for pathological speakers. Our mission is to help speech language pathologists and clients worldwide with innovative software tools that listen to the client's speech.
Lukas Latacz, Ph.D  
Erich Reiter, M.S. CCC-SLP  
Catherine Middag, Ph.D  
Scientific support