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Release 0.8.24

Released on 07/1/2022

what's new

  1. New content: Pitch
  2. Fixed Voice in result screen displaying the wrong value
  3. Added Intermission dialogue to Vineswing (Longer words)
  4. Additional failed speech recognition parameters: FlatPitch, MissedPause, PauseBetweenWords & PauseTooLong
  5. Improved feedback when uttering the wrong utterance.
  6. Added background music to the stage.
  7. Added missing particle effect to Surfing minigame.
  8. Fixed duplicated graph labels on the Y axis.
  9. Fixed issue with background music being occassionally audible after outro cutscenes.
  10. Fixed issue with guided voiceover being very quiet in the Sailboat mindful minigame.
  11. Fixed inconsistent scale of Gemma in Snail Climb.
  12. Fixed wrong easy onset visualisation on Phonation Island
  13. Fixed issue that some long pauses in the TypeWriter game were not detected.
  14. Fixed issue that words starting with “ch” where not properly recognized.
  15. Fixed issue that the speech recognizer was waiting sometimes too long to finish recognizing.
  16. Healthbar on bosses will no longer reset when failing
  17. Typewriter: Fixed utterance examples not playing
  18. Corrected feedback on certain chunking fail categories
  19. Fixed various missing / mismatched dialogues
  20. Fixed wrong example utterance sound files
  21. Added new content for the VineSwing and SnailClimb minigames.
  22. Windows SmartScreen no longer incorrectly blocks the Window Installer
Release 0.8.23

Released on 16/12/2021

what's new

  1. New content: Stage!
  2. New Island: Easy Onset
  3. New Island: Slowness
  4. Fixed YesNo loop including properly handling other answers than yes or no
  5. Fixed utterance appearing during YesNo questions
  6. Updated visuals for the YesNo questions
  7. Fixed Zumi’s icon on the map
  8. Fixed issue where consecutive fails counter would not be reset, not allowing for a second opportunity
  9. Fixed issue where re-opening the Typewriter game would result in errors
  10. Mr. Mole: Growl sfx on hit - auwauwaw!
  11. Fixed issue when an utterance was incorrectly being classified as “too short”
  12. Improved speech-to-text synchronization in TypeWriter game
  13. Improved breathing detection in mindfullness games
  14. Improved handling of noisy microphones and “popping” sounds
  15. Scrolling text on Voice collection
  16. Healthbar: Improved visuals (Cracks, shake)
  17. Progressbar: Waits on completion before being hidden
  18. Reduced the file size of some DLL files in the Windows version
  19. New prompt to select a microphone at the beginning of the game if you have never played
  20. Linking to the changelog from the main menu. Hi!
  21. Fixed incorrect voice over for cutscene
  22. Incorrect wrong feedback was sometimes given (for example “wrong pronunciation” instead of “hard onset”)
  23. Fixed Voice Power counter at the end of minigames taking far too long with higher amounts of Voice Power gained.
  24. Additional tiers of Voice bubbles (1, 5, 10, 50,…)
Release 0.8.22

Released on 25/11/2021

what's new

  1. New Island: Chunking Ship.
  2. Audio options expanded. User can now set custom volume for Background Music, SFX, dialogue voice and utterance voice separately.
  3. Disabled loudness label in mindfulness minigames.
  4. Message when reached end of current version content
  5. Memory and speed improvements when processing long recordings
  6. Improved speech recognition accuracy when microphone volume is low
Release 0.8.21

Released on 16/11/2021

what's new

  1. Corrected improper tracking of stats.
  2. Rebalanced audio of cutscene voiceovers.
  3. Fixed error where you could still interact with menu underneath statistics menu.
  4. Fixed error with visualization of utterances.
  5. Dialogue will now respect volume selected.
  6. Tracking amount of words correctly uttered.
  7. Postcards now have a sound effect.
  8. Added Typewriter minigame with first two levels and new mindfulness exercise (Fan-Man).
  9. Improved waiting-for-silence and voice activity detection.
  10. Yes/no questions are added to the motorboat minigame.
  11. Progress bar improved functionality and bugfixes
  12. Fixed issue where resuming from pause would slow down game
  13. Further normalization of all dialogues
  14. Deleting player will now delete all the statistics data stored also.
Release 0.8.20

Released on 09/11/2021

what's new

  1. Adjusted credits
  2. Updated game icon
  3. Immediately saves dialogue as seen on completion
  4. In Game reporter window glitch fix
  5. Fixed cutscenes sometimes not being skippable
  6. Hiding cursor when idle
  7. Motorboat stability: Fixed hidden error messages, speech init safety,
  8. Skippable splash screen
  9. Progress bar
  10. New popup: Game Explanation
  11. In-game notification on new game version
  12. No longer displaying statistics that are inappropriate for the minigame in question
  13. Various improvements to minigame results screen and resizing of UI elements
  14. Fixed mismatching voice power gained reported in the results screen
  15. Fixed scrolling speed of settings menu dropdown options
  16. Reduces helper story moments, allowing silence on successive successes.
  17. Windows computers with a CPU without AVX instructions are now supported
  18. Fixed crash when changing minigames
  19. Updated "Zen Beach" levels
  20. Statistics now separated by player instead of being a summary of all players on the account.
  21. Fixed tracking of average time to initialize speech statistic